Contract and Rules

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Scarlet Dahlia

Contract and Rules

I had a request for the contract and rules that Sir and I have. This is a copy of them.

Contract of Submission

This contract is written to make clear the duties, rights and obligations of both babydoll, the submissive, and Sir, the Dominant. From the date of signing, this contract will be in full effect until either party chooses to rescind or alter the agreement. Either party may decide to change this contract. In the event of a change, the above parties will come together and discuss the change. All opinions will be taken into consideration. Both parties should make every attempt to agree to the change. If an agreement can not be reached, Sir will make the final decision and babydoll will live by it or the contact becomes null and void.

Right, Duties, and Obligations ~ Submissive

A. I promise to obey the will of Sir in…

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