Amazing belief

It is amazing when you find that person that believes in you in ever sense and accepts you for your inner beauty and outer beauty is secondary that is what I have found in my partner K., he has accepted me for everything I am and I him. He is my friend first the person I want to know enjoy his company, he makes me feel wanted, needed and beautiful and smile every time, I get a call or text from him we are both cautious in our journey and just enjoying it in the moment no expectations but out relationship is based on mutual respect and the rest has and will fall in to piece. 

I know sometimes we rush in to relationships because we are lonely, or just need that human contact and that is fine but in the end those relationships usually don’t have major substance, I know that feeling I have been there and really kinda kept to that kind of relationship cause it was easy, and did not need a lot of emotional connection it was just purely sex based, and was never very productive nothing wrong with it but it just never filled that missing piece.  

Fear of getting hurt and more so fear of giving myself to him at times is scary but the more I give the more I get back, we have compromised on some things but we have never tried to change who the other is and to me that is the beauty of us. Will our journey turn in to more who knows for now we are just enjoying the here and now when we go is unknown but it will be amazing journey either way, for now it is just learning from each other and trying new things and in the end I want to give my submission to him cause it feels right, feels comfortable and for that it makes giving him pieces of me so much easier in the end. 

In a D/s relationship it is about learning from each other, about each other and learning more about ourselves and I have had that gift given to me by K. I am forever grateful for his support, his acceptance and his respect he is my safe place and the door to my next journey. 

So remember always be you and never give that up, if someone is asking you to change who you are walk away that is not a relationship and now someone that deserves to know you and I mean all of you. They are out there it just may take a while to get there but never stop believing in yourself to be with someone you will lose yourself in the process and that in itself is a tragedy. 

Be you, be free, free to love, love to be free, free to give your love and submission when you want never when they expect it or take it for granted. 

Kiki Slade 



2 thoughts on “Amazing belief

  1. ((HUGS)) Not to create expectations for you, but what you describe is a lot like how SSir and I started our relationship – slowly, cautiously, with few expectations…and look where we are today. 🙂
    Do what feels right and makes you both happy. Whatever happens, happens.

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