The word Sir, Master, Daddy….

These are words that are to be earned just like Pet, slut, baby girl and princess and good girl are to be earned, these are titles that we hear often in the lifestyle and then there are some who believe I am a DOM so you must adress me as SIR! Here is a big fuck you no I don’t. I am on tumblr and I have see a few post you must adress me as Sir? really well then you better go to the ignore bin it is the same in the lifestyle. 

If you have never played with me, never proven your worth or trust as a dom or never negotiated limits with me or even spoke to me then, I am no were obligated to call you anything of distinction but by your first name. Those titles come with immense importance to littles, sub, and slaves. Neither are you ladies ever… no matter what they say. 

I have little tolerance for men that say I am a dom here me Roar call me Sir….So you say you are a sir are you ready to back up the claim with years of RL experience ? I don’t mean online where you are just saying you are a Dom, I mean in the lifestyle, going to munches playing in your local community are you ready to give names of previous subs that you have played with that can give you a glowing recommendations to your Dom abilities? 

Here are a few things you wanna be Doms need to know and also some of you up and coming subbies. 

If you are online no where does it state you have to call anyone Sir ever. 

If you are at a party and have never spoken to this man but he says you have to adress him as Sir you don’t . 

If you are just meeting a so called Dom for a coffee for a first meet you are not obligated to address him as Sir just like you are never ever obligated to fuck them or give them head cause they want to test you out to see how submissive you are. (red flags they are just looking to get there rocks of and probably not a real dom) 

To me and many subbies I know those titles are given to men who have been in the lifestyle for many years, are able to prove there substance in the community, show real Dom tendencies, can show that he is not power tripping male who thinks being a Sir is just spanking a girl fucking her and then he is a dom. 

Real true doms in my estimation never have to request that you call them any title till you are ready, they don’t have to wear a tattoo on there head and scream from the rooftops that they are Doms they are usually very low key males, who have a dark side that understand that a woman or man submitting to them is to be earned, that you will call them a set title when negotiations have been spoken and agreed upon, when they have proven that there word and actions deserve such a title that they will are willing to make a commitment to you and in your relationship. 

So ladies and gentleman if you want a title then put in the work, learn don’t just spank a girl on the ass and fuck her mouth and say I AM DOM!!!! 

Grow up, grow some real balls and learn, research and ladies be smart common sense and that gut instinct will never ever prove you wrong. 

Kiki Slade 


12 thoughts on “The word Sir, Master, Daddy….

  1. Wow this is fantastic 🙂 I met a guy once who knew I was a little girl and he demanded me call him Sir like he was my Dom or something. I was like “hell no you don’t get to say that to me. You are not my Dom, you have to earn Sir you do not get to call me little girl, it’s not your place to do so.” I was soooo offended. I never realized how much Sir and little girl meant to me until that point. It really does hold a special place for me though 🙂 but as far as using Sir for my Daddy, that only happens when I’m in trouble 😮 most other times it’s just Daddy or Handsome, or Hot Stuff 😉

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