So this is me I am just as flawed as the rest…proud of my tiger strips and so should you!

I was born November 3rd, 1977 one month premature and very sick baby, I had a tumor in my liver the size of a grapefruit and went in to full cardiac arrest four times cause the tumor was pushing on my lungs and heart basically slowly killing me. 

I have huge scars on my stomach my stomach always looks distended and I will never have a stomach that is scarless, and guess what I am beautiful, I am real and I am proud of those scars cause it means I fought I wanted to live, now after having kids I have wide hips, my tits are saggy , my ass is bigger and have extra skin in areas I wish I didn’t and I am still beautiful, I am still all woman. 

On my tumblr I get mail from young ladies saying they are not beautiful, don’t feel beautiful and for fuck sakes they are gorgeous and I tell them but what does it matter I am just a another female saying it. We all have struggles in life have mountains to climb, lives to build , and then try and be perfect isn’t it tiring ? I know I get tired and then I just get fucking annoyed I speak to people and they are so quick to pick out my flaws, with out getting to know me, luckily I have tough skin but some don’t some are so insecure it hurts them emotionally, woman I find are the worst men will just tell you your fat ,woman will nit pick. 

Why are woman always so quick to pick out the flaws why not the beauty why not build each other up instead of tearing each other down, get to know someone for who they truly are, in looks no I am average, but my soul and personality is perfection. 

I wish woman had a special glass they could look at themselves and see how truly beautiful they are and I mean all of them not just the eyes, mouth and face, I mean see truly your soul what others see how they see you. 

I get told I am to soft cause I am always so nice, I’m polite say sorry a lot must be a Canadian thing, don’t let that fool you I have a temper I will fight for what I believe is right, what is just and for those I love! 

So before you start to belittle yourself, put yourself down look at yourself in the mirror I mean really look at yourself and ask what really makes you beautiful it will have nothing to do with your looks 🙂 

Kiki Slade

P.S. here is me sorta naked and clothed to show you we are all the same we all have flaws, tiger strips and we can still be the most beautiful creature in the world 🙂 



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