Reality check…

I have been struggling the last few weeks mentally, financially and with some family issues going on lately not sure it was depression or just stress or combination of both but tonight I was watching the local news and realized that really my worries are not all that bad. They are bad to me but in the big scheme of life there are just another mountain to climb and then enjoy the slide down then sit back and let the dust settle. 

I was brought to tears watching the local news when they started talking about baby Ivers from Victoria, B.C. , I don’t watch news often for this reason it all bad news but this story pulled at me as a parent and as a mother. 

Basically the story is off 32 yr old mother was expecting there first child she had a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to hospital at which point there declared her brain dead, they had her on life support and her husband had to decide if they would use her body as a incubator to there first child. He decided to let her carry there baby for as long as possible “that is what Robyn would want” was the reply of the father. They did just that till the baby was viable to be taken out of it mothers body and can survive. 

On Saturday she was going in to organ failure and they could not wait any longer and decided to deliver the baby, Iver was brought in to this world to only have his mother leave in the process, her husband got to hold his son but had to say goodbye to his wife all in a matter of moments. 

I know this story is world wide but it hit home cause it can happen to any of us not this story but our life seems bad at moments we bitch, complain, cry become angry but in reality is our life so bad? It made me sit back and hug my babies and tell them I love them Robyn will never get that she is now at peace and she truly gave her life for her son and in that final act she is beautiful human. 

There is so much bad in this world is life easy god no and why should it be, it is a gift, it has challenges life really is a series of beautiful disaster, it is hard, violent and at time just seem black and souless but it is up to us to pull it together and keep going, keep fighting and keep moving forward. 

So the next time you are down or having a rough day count your blessings, count the fact you get to see the sun, see the beautiful smiles of your children, we all have stress but try not to dwell on that try to keep on smiling, keep your humor cause in the end we are lucky some are not. 

We as parents will do whatever it takes to be good parent even means we put on that fake smile and just keep plowing through the day and we do what we believe it best for our children we will fuck up, we will make mistakes and we will have pissed off teenagers at some point but as long as you are willing to fight for them, love them, and hold on and let them know you are there no matter what you have succeeded in being the best parent you can be regardless. 

So no more pity party for me cause I get to keep going so, thank you Robyn for my reality check and god gained another beautiful angel, Iver will be in out heart and prayers! 

from one mother to another you did good Robyn bless you on your journey. 

Kiki Slade


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