Your mark, my soul

I look in the mirror and see the marks my mind whirls back to the moment I felt them being made, the warmth floods back the need explodes I want all of it again now. I sit and I feel the rush of pain as I feel my pussy clench my nipples harden and the bite of my teeth my lip as I hold back the moan.


You leave your mark it is a memory of the passion of need of each other , ownership and need the lick of want, in those moments, I am yours to do as you wish my need to serve you to feel your hands on my body your lips over my skin, the words you whisper, the moans you let out. I know you desire me as much as I desire you knowing you can place your hand on my throat and as you slide in and out of me knowing in that moment I am yours is the most amazing gift.


I feel the sting, run my fingers over it and to me it is a reminder of my trust in you, the moment when my soul trusted yours enough to give you my everything it is the marks that are there that, I know I gave you my all, my body, my mind and my soul let you, that is what the marks mean to me.

Kiki Slade


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