The Gift

“Good Girl” my heart soars, my legs quiver at the sound of those two words, and his faith in me to hear the sounds of his voice is like liquid gold. I will endeavor at all times to hear those two words from my him 

I drop my chin to my chest and wait for the sound of his voice to tell me what he wants from my now, feeling the wetness between my legs, my heart pounding I want to please him to give him everything I have in the small act of just waiting. 

I can here the rustling movements behind me of doors opening, his shallow breathing, closing my eyes, listening for his next command, his next want and all the while I just want him to want me. “Good Girl come here” my eyes snap open.  Raising my head to see his eyes rake over my body the heat of his gaze takes my breath away, the sound of his voice sends a shiver of anticipation through my body like a need I never knew I wanted. 

Coming to stand in front of him, I feel his fingers brush down my cheek, he leans his forehead against mine as the his scent engulfs me his touch chains me, then his lips touch mine so gentle, so loving then the whisper comes from his lips “good girl” closing my I know I am right where I belong in his presence in his care. 

By KiKi Slade 


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