The Dress

Running her hands down her dress with nervous anticipation, hearing the horns dancing with the notes of the piano, her heart was racing her need of him was on fire, could she be enough for him did he know how much she yearned with need, lust for him his scent, touch and voice was like a one way ticket to ecstasy. 

She was in her thoughts watch now gripping on to her dress trying to keep her wits about her when she felt a hand on her shoulder she knew that touch that caress that dominant feel when he was around. Keeping her head down she smiled nervously when she felt his breath near her ear closing her eyes at the sound of his voice, “Are you wet for me tonight” the small gasp she let out told him everything he needed to know. 

He held out his hand she look up at him to see his eyes rake over her body, she slipped her hand in to his and stood she met his her knees weakened her breath shortened he gave her that knowing smile that he was going to make sure she knew he was hers in every sense of the way. 

They started for the dance floor play was a slow seductive jazz song, horns and piano it was all most as if everyone on that stage knew what was happening all she could do was follow his lead melt in to his body as he wrapped his arm around her lower back as he pulled her tight to his body. “I have missed you, did you miss me also?” she pulled back to look in his eyes as she nodded slowly breathed “Yes” she watch the smile broaden his hand slid down to rest on her ass she licked her lips trying to hold in the audible gasp that was there it was his touch, his kiss and his need to make her his that she knew she would give him anything he wanted even her full submission but she wondered at times it he wanted her in the same way she needed him. 

“Stop thinking just feel” she closed her eyes her mind screaming that seemed to be her issue now she felt to much she knew she had to guard her heart but with him it was like she left it wide open. His hand went to the zipper of her dress as he started to slide it down her hand quickly when to stop him she heard his voice make an tsk tsk sound. She dropped her hand again and looked around the little jazz bar everyone was busy in there own world at that moment she knew what he was going to do it excited and thrilled her but she knew she had to and knew she wanted to please him. “Drop your hands to your sides” He stepped back and walk behind her always touching her letting her know he was there, his finger slipped under the thin strips of material that was hanging on her shoulder she stood there closed her eyes as his other hand slipped under the other strap on her shoulder. 

She stood tall, she felt excited but most of all proud, proud that he wanted to show her off she felt the fabric slide down her arms, over her taunt nipples as he slowly pushed it down her legs till it was a puddle of fabric at her feet. “You look beautiful” I could feel his finger tracing around my body, just light touches enough for her to know he was there but she yearned for more she wanted him to claim her when she opened her eyes finally he stood in front of her just looking, devouring her with his eyes, “You are mine” he stated and the shiver ran up her spine. 

It was in the moment she knew she was and would be his forever, she felt the tears well in her eyes she was happy to be his she would do as he wished when she heard the four words she had be waiting for all night. “Get on your knees” she smiled at him then slowly got on her knees.  


Kiki Slade


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