Submission is a gift , of the soul

You may have me but you do not understand my submission till you really have it and that is a rare gem indeed, you may be able to connect your hand to my flesh, your crop to my flesh even you lips to mine but in order to have my submission my understanding and of course my heart you must first gain my soul, you will get me when you guide me, believe in me, support me and respect my body and my boundries and never step over them with out my say so, just so you can have the one time of a thrill, when you keep your word, show me over time that you will guard not only my body, but my mind and especially my soul.

My need to serve you to give you my everything, to give you my complete surrender does not come with out its share of patients, understanding and most of all love. I will not change who I am for you, how I am but I will be your biggest supporter, give you my patients, my obdience and even my screams of pleasure, moans of passion and finally my release to be yours, to be with you to help you and feel you over me, your hand to caress my body, your soul connecting with mine to calm it and let it be free in my submission.

In that moment when I am on my knees in front of you my head and eyes down and you call my name and I look up at you and you see my soul shining through my eyes and through my need to serve you, to let your mind and body connect with mine, when I trust you with every part of me that I allow you to guide me to those places that once scared me, or made me nerveous in those places that you have walked me through, with your quiet strength, your hands in mine and your voice to settle my trembling nerves, you will then truley have my soul, my heart, my mind and my submission.

You will be my anchor and my light, but do not ever break that or you will tear my soul in two that will never be repaired that is your job as the master of my soul, the Dominate of my heart and the man of my life.

By Kiki Slade

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8 thoughts on “Submission is a gift , of the soul

  1. Reblogged this on boundbypleasure and commented:
    This is a voice of a submissive soul. Rather than me writing from a Dom’s perspective I would rather let a beautiful Sub’s words echo her psyche . Thank you “Beautifulkink” for such a gorgeous post !

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